Picky Bars

Mollie Liskiewicz

Tucson, Arizona

Primary Discipline(s) Road Running, Trail Running, Hiking
Bucket List RaceMy first 55k, which will be November of '21! The Colossal Cave 50/50
Favorite Picky Bars productPicky Bar - Ah Fudge Nuts! flavor :)
Off-Day ActivityRelaxing with my doggos and birding trips around Tucson.

I love the outdoors and any activity that will get me out there.

I am a wildlife technician. Meaning some seasons I spend all day trapping and banding ducks, some I spend collecting vegetation (literally each blade of grass in a plot), some I trap and gps-collar wolves and black bear, some I'm calling endangered owls in and feeding them mice to figure out where their babies are. All are spent hiking/bush-whacking miles into the wilderness, all are spent sweating and working hard, all are spent covered in poison oak/ivy and scratches and bruises, and usually all are spent simply trying to avoid running into rattlesnakes or getting charged too closely by black bear. (The latter is harder than you think to avoid, I was charged several times last summer, one time within 3ft and it was circling me) But I haven't died yet, so I'd say I'm an expert at this outdoors thing! ;)

Being a wildlife technician also means that I am not a wildlife technician part of the year. Most jobs available are seasonal, and rarely in the winter. So I am also a running store expert. I love working with people and helping them become more active. Wildlife work can be lonely, so this is the balance I've struck each year. I love learning about new products and gear and how it can help others or myself. I love setting goals and achieving them. The winter provides me a chance to train for a half marathon (this year I'm training for my first marathon!) each year and keeps me in shape for seasonal work. I also have more time to pursue my other activities, like rock climbing and yoga come wintertime.