Picky Bars

Renee Butler

Cumberland, Maryland | www.strongerthanceliac.com

Primary Discipline(s) Gravel Cycling, Road Running, Trail Running, SUP, Kayaking / Canoe Marathon, Hiking, Yoga, Other, Studio Fitness (Pilates, Barre)
Bucket List RaceIn-person NY Marathon, North Olympic Discovery Marathon, Detroit Free Press Marathon
Favorite Picky Bars productTie! Lauren's Mega Nuts Picky Bar or How Bout Dem Apples Oatmeal?
Off-Day ActivityLaying in the sunshine, reading

I am a writer. I have been self-employed for 12+ years, and I used that ability to work from anywhere to full advantage. I also have celiac disease, run marathons, and spend as much time outside as possible. I have to be careful about how I fuel my adventures. That's how I found Picky Bars!