Picky Bars

Past Races

08/01/2021 Buena Vista Gold Rush Days Pack Burro Race
06/12/2021 5th Annual Creede Pack Burro Race
05/23/2021 Juniper Jog Pack Burro Race Flagstaff, AZ
05/15/2021 Rim Rock Ranch Pack Burro Race

Amanda Repka


Primary Discipline(s) Trail Running, Adventure Racing, Skiing, Hiking, Other
Bucket List RaceThe North Face Grand Traverse ski race
Favorite Picky Bars productThe Drizzle
Off-Day ActivityHanging out with my animals and cooking up some awesome food

I am not a fast runner, or win many races, I just love getting out there and sharing in the race and trail experience. I love sharing that with everyone out on the trail, that you don't have to be fast or look a certain way to be out running on a trail. I run with my burro Mac in pack burro racing and hopefully will be pushing the mileage up with him in 2021. I am looking to bring another burro onto our string this year as well, so stay tuned! Another major goal this winter of 21-22 will be to compete in my first skijouring race with my dog Cedar. I want to foster strong trail stewardship and community between all trail users, since I run, ride horses, ride bikes, run with my dog and ski on all of our local trails. I hate seeing trail users and racers silo themselves into one small corner. So I try and bring a smile to everyone out there, I will wave at you, and tell; or now awkwardly yell at a distance to have a good hike, run, ride, race!