Picky Bars

Thomas Barbe

New York, New York

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Road Running, Trail Running, Skiing, Hiking
Bucket List RaceThe Belgian Waffle Ride, Northmen, Mount Washington climb
Favorite Picky Bars productTrail Mix fix oatmeal
Off-Day Activityplaying with my kid and spend time with my wife

When I think about sport it's all about fun, balance and pushing yourself. I grew up doing multiple sports from skateboarding to Rugby and then 10 years ago discovered cycling and triathlon. There is always been one constant through these years: sport needs to be part of my daily life. Because it is and also because I am a food lover, I pay close attention to what I eat and drink. Good fueling and sleep is what allows me to be a family man, an active (very) person and a cyber security professional.

Sport is also about caring and connections with people. For the last 5 years with this mantra in mind I have been coaching athlete with disabilities to explore their potential. I have coached first timers visually impaired or amputee athletes to Olympics hopeful.

I have been following you guys on Instagram for some time now and I really like your fun approach to life and sport. It would be a pleasure to help you promote this message.