Picky Bars

Katie Berlin

Lewisberry, Pennsylvania | thevetreset.net

Primary Discipline(s) Road Running, Trail Running, Hiking, Studio Fitness (Pilates, Barre)
Bucket List RaceWilder Retreat (truth!) and maybe a cycling trip across Oregon
Favorite Picky Bars productOMG - Drizzle Drizzle Drizzle
Off-Day ActivityCooking while dancing and singing along to 60's and 80's hits. #sorrynotsorry

I'm a runner, certified personal trainer, and group exercise instructor - also a small animal vet who works in practice and as a medical editor for a veterinary publication. I have a website called The Vet Reset and while I've had some personal life setbacks that have kept it from growing so far, I want ultimately to be a resource for positive change through physical health for the veterinary community. Veterinarians have a suicide rate several times higher than most other professions - 1 in 6 veterinarians will consider suicide in their careers - and as a group we are focusing on mental heath more than ever before. We don't, however, prioritize physical health as much as we should, and for me that is an essential part of mental health. Discovering fitness, running, teaching, and nutrition has changed my life from the inside out and kept me from leaving the profession or ending up in a dark place. So I'm trying to bring some of that positivity and growth mindset to vet med.

I was the kid picked last in gym class, and I could never run around the block. The running started at age 35 after surgery for a knee injury (when they tell you a horse is "quirky" you should read between the lines) put me in the care of a trainer who showed me I could be an athlete if I started treating myself like one. I have since gotten my training certification and teach Bollywood dance fitness class and HIIT/strength classes at a local studio, and I ran my 6th marathon last fall. I'm an active member of our local run club and have met almost all of my closest local friends through running. I can't honestly remember what life was like before I ran.

I also podcast (I cohost the Veterinary Super Friends podcast with one of the most badass veterinarians and mental health advocates in the world) and blog, and spoke at two conferences this year, which was super exciting! I'm also a social media junkie (no Twitter anymore though). Truthfully, whether or not you choose me as an Ambadassador, I'm forever a fangirl for all things Picky and Oiselle and am a proud member of the Volee. My boyfriend and I got lost on a long hike a couple of months ago and I'm pretty sure the Picky Bar in my vest was the only reason he didn't kill a small animal and cook it on the trail right then to make sure I didn't get hangry, cause that ain't pretty.