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12/04/2022 California International Marathon

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09/17/2022 Pikes Peak Marathon + Ascent
08/06/2022 Rodeo Beach Trail Run 2
07/17/2022 Pacifica Foothills Trail Run 4
11/25/2021 Newport RI Pie Run ?
10/30/2021 Oakland Hills Trail Run
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09/18/2021 Berkeley Trail Adventure
Race Recap

Nathan Lambert

Berkeley, California | natolambert.com

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Rowing, Hiking, Yoga
Bucket List RaceHead of the charles parent/child rowing race with mom, Kona, 50mile+run, whole enchilada mountain b
Favorite Picky Bars productSmooth Caffeinator bar with drizzle
Off-Day ActivityYoga & Slack line & Waffles

I describe myself as a learner, non-pro athlete, and yogi. I like to eat real food and take care of myself. I work on robots and artificial intelligence (which some people think is cool) at UC Berkeley, getting my PhD , but most of my effort goes towards living a long, healthy, and thrivingful life.

My athletic career is heavily defined by my time at Cornell Lightweight rowing (national champs '14, '15, '17), and then coaching California Lightweight Crew. Since this I have been competition as a triathlete (1x olympic, 3x sprint, 1x half ironman, 1x13.1), but that has been slowed by COVID. I like to try and share how to improve people's lives through movement and food.

Connected to my graduate studies at Berkeley, I am the department wellness coordinator so I am trying to get people active and engaged with their mental health. My general advice for people is wellbeing comes first, then training, then competing. Picky bars exemplify this to me, and I love supporting them.