Picky Bars

Kimberly Briggs

Lewistown, Montana

Primary Discipline(s) Road Running, Trail Running, SUP, Hiking
Bucket List RaceBoston Marathon
Favorite Picky Bars productSmooth Caffeinator Bar
Off-Day Activitywandering through botanical gardens (since I can't grow my own plants)

I am a pastor, originally from the Pacific Northwest, but spent six years in Atlanta, GA. My husband and I just moved to Lewistown, MT! Growing up I was an avid athlete, culminating in a deep love for ultimate frisbee in college. I started running to stay in shape for some "serious" ultimate. After college I continued running and began pushing myself for longer distances and fulfilling a dream of running the Chicago Marathon. Around three years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and forced to stop running completely. A year ago, with a lot of work I was able to pick running back up and have found it to be a source of much joy and peace throughout 2020. While a return to racing didn't quite go as imagined (thanks 2020), I am deeply grateful for the gift that running is in my life and for the ways pushing myself as a runner reminds me what I am capable of in the rest of life. If I'm not running (or pastoring), you can probably find me outdoors hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or paddle boarding.