Picky Bars

Colin McShane

01420, Massachusetts

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Road Running, Trail Running, Obstacle Racing, Track and Field, Hiking, Yoga, Climbing, Other
Bucket List RaceAny Ironman Event, Berlin Marathon, Tokyo Marathon and Ultra Events
Favorite Picky Bars product(Trail Mix Oatmeal/ Can't Beet Chocolate), Bars Lauren's Mega Nuts and All in Almond) PBNJ Granola
Off-Day ActivityWriting, Video Games, Hiking, Biking, Motivational Speaker

My name is Colin McShane I am currently 23 years old and live in Massachusetts. I used to never to be into any physical fitness at all, at the age of sixteen I used to weigh around 300lbs and when my mother passed away I started to really start focusing on myself. My mother raised me by herself and I started to care more about myself. I started at a track one day just running not for time but just to see how long I could go and it was very gradual. I then started to care more about my diet and participated in sports in high school my senior year and participated in track and cross country all four years of college. I now weigh 150lb and I started to get into more endurance events after college, I started running half marathons and into the marathon distance. I have ran a few virtual marathons and ultras since Covid-19 has been into place and it was suppose to be my first Boston and first MARATHON! However, I have decided to enjoy running and invested in a road bike during COVID-19. I am currently a security director for a company helping patients.