Picky Bars

Past Races

09/24/2021 The Bear
06/19/2021 Logan Peak Trail Marathon

Kalina Zufelt

Murray, Utah | http://www.falleninchocolate.com

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Skiing, Climbing
Bucket List RaceHardrock 100
Favorite Picky Bars productTrail Mix Oatmeal
Off-Day Activityat home weight training or rock climbing

I have been a runner since I was 8 years old. My dad would take me running with him. At times I hated it, but he always encouraged me and pushed me to better myself. 22 years later, I am still a runner, and also a rock-climber and backcountry skier. From my roots growing up in the outdoors, to my time as a college athlete, to now as an ultra runner and mountain addict, I love promoting healthy eating, habits and environmental practices. I skied 103 days last winter in the backcountry, and have run 2 100 mile races. I was a college athlete at Utah Valley University and I am an ovarian cancer survivor of 9 years. I am an ENFP; I love friends and group runs, and I also love my solo time in the mountains. I live in Utah, less than 30 minutes away from hundreds of trails. I have a large group of amazing women that I run with (and also some really awesome dudes that treat us as equals!). I grew up feeling like I had to constantly "prove" myself in the outdoors, to show that I was just as good as, or better than, most the guys out there. Now that I am older and social media is a larger part of the community, I've realized there are so many badass women and we can all just be ourselves! I want to share that belief with as many people as I can. I want every woman and every man to feel comfortable in the outdoors, to feel brave, strong and powerful. To know that each one of us has incredible strength inside us that we only have to learn to access.