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Manchester 2 Monadnock Ultramarathon - 55 Miler in New Hampshire

May 18, 2021 - 55 mile point to point ultramarathon from Manchester, NH to Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH.

This was a small event with only 52 people entered.  I selected this because of the size, believing potential COVID implications would be lower.  I was using it as a qualifier for the Vermont 100, along with part of my training for the Vermont 100 as well.  The Vermont 100 has since been canceled for 2021, but hopefully it will still be my qualifier in 2022.  Finish to time was 11:50:54.  I was mostly trying to manage the race to a 12 hour finish and succeeded.

The course was mostly pavement and dirt roads for the first 45 or so miles along with approximtely 5,100 feet of elevation gain.  There was one small stretch of trail over a smaller mountain at approximtely mile 8.  The final 8 miles was on trails and up and over Mount Monadnock with approximately 1,700 of elevation gain.  The trail was pretty technical with some rock scrambling up and down.  It was also pretty crowded with day hikers on the mountain with the extremely nice weather and being a Saturday.  

It was really one the warmest days the northeast has seen this Spring along with mostly sunny skies.  The sun and heat definitely had an effect on my pace with me walking a bunch of miles when the sun was at its highest point.  I did catch a second wind when starting up the trail head for Mount Monadnock, just because of the change from roads to trails and knowing I was close to the finish.  I like the steep and technical terrain.  This is also where I passed about 6 or 7 people to move up to 14th place.

Winner came in at 8:46:03.

I would definitely do the race again, but also want to try to find other new races and events in future years.

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