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Training Race

June 10, 2021 - Mindset for using the CDA marathon as a training race.

With a goal race of 52k with over 6,000 feet of climbing in the mountains, I decided to use the relatively flat CDA marathon as a training race. Why? The two races couldn't be more different. My goal was mindset. I planned on using the race to race bodies, push myself, and practice pacing and fueling. Then, in the process of trainning, my race plan for CDA derailed with an ankle injury.

I showed up to CDA ready to listen to my body and possibly experiance my first DNF. But the flat course treated me well. I found another athlete to pace me and tucked in for the miles. The day was beautiful, the run was hard, and I finished strong with a 7 minute PR! I absolutely love this sport. Through running I have had some of the best experiances, made lifelong friends, and push myself to not only be a better runner but a better human. 

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