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My first DNF, bad it's not all bad...

My first DNF, but it wasn’t all bad…  Horribly Hilly Hundreds 200k with 10,000 feet climbing was a big goal, especially here in the midwest where it’s flat. I stuck it out until mile 90 & 8,000 feet of climbing. The heat (low to mid 90”s) and humidity, just ran out of energy.  Fueling & hydration went well. A bigger/easier gear is needed, easier then my best 56-30, a 34 for the rear is on order. Definitely doing it again next year, but the 150k route. Beautiful area, just west of Madison Wisconsin. Lots of nice people & great event overall. John #560, enjoyed talking, riding with you and greatly appreciate your shepherding me back to the finish when I couldn’t continue on the route.

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