Picky AmBADASSadors

Local trails race!!!

First race back went perfectly in my hometown!

3rd overall ??. 2nd 20-29. Race report ??.

Went out too hard in 2nd/3rd (lots of good caffeine). Settled into 5th for miles 1-3, rescued the 4th place person from a wrong turn around mile 4 and passed their. Lots of confusion on the route for the middle 6 miles, running with my new friend James.  Back and forth from what we thought was 3rd/4th on the trail. Gaining all my time on the descents (go go strength training).

Walked the last major uphill, really struggling. Got passed by James on a little Kicker mid descent. Crossed the line in my mind "4th", but one of the leaders got lost, so got third!!! Ended up only about 2 minutes behind first, but me and my 2nd Friend James never saw him after the first mile.

Great race, really didn't have anything else to offer. Fueling was fantastic. Gut super stable. Muscularly limited the whole second half, excited for the 35k at Oakland Hills in October.

On to the next one!

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