Picky AmBADASSadors

Fall Classic recap

I knew I wasn’t in top form for this race, but went to have fun and push myself. The course was tough, the field was tough and it was a blast. I brought my big travel bike so that I would enjoy the trails more than on the XC bike. I was definitely glad I did. I had never been on this course and had no idea what to expect. It was a backcountry course in the trees with roots and rocks. The course was marked very well as I had no issues figuring out where to go. The average elevation for this course was around 9800-10000 ft, which added to 5he toughness. I felt good about finishing without cramping until I saw I was 6th. I started thinking back where I could have done better under the circumstances. There really wasn’t. Then I found out there were 2-3 pros in our wave and I felt much better. I think next year I will branch out and do some more races that I haven’t done. Overall it was a good time. Now I have to find my legs.

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