Picky AmBADASSadors

Birthday race

My longest run ever got me a bronze medal :)

A very foggy day in the east bay hills. 

We started the 35k with 4900' of elevation with the half marathon, so I went out fast and didn't know I was second on course until mile 12 or so. At this point I was running very alone, counting down miles, and of course hurting. I held my margin to the first place runner for the next 9, but the last three did me in. On the last flat section I had double calf cramps that reduced me to a jog. 

When I reached the wall (last mile with >45% grad pinches) I knew it was going to be a hike home. I was having all the muscles in my legs cramp on the way up hill. Sadly, got passed with about a quarter mile to go to come home third. I started jogging again when getting past, but this made me almost fall over.

I hobbled over the line with my family support squad a physched third. It tooke me >15minutes until I could sit down. I loved my coke recovery drink.


Fuled by picky.

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