Picky Bars

LBJ 100 - my first ever ultra endurance mtb race!

Rode in my first ultra endurance mountain bike race yesterday at the Lumberjack 100 at Big M in Wellston, MI. My bike friend, Andrea Cherwinski, was kind enough to keep me company for 3 laps which made a huge difference! Otherwise it could have been a long day of riding alone out there. So many rolling hills, they really hit the legs for me on the 2nd half of the 2nd lap. Yet, I found it interesting that every short aid station stop seemed to re-energize me and give me a 2nd, 3rd, 4th wind. Special thank you to Jeremie Cherwinski for keeping us rolling quickly through your aid station all day! One minor crash on lap one when my bike skidded out on a hidden stick and some loose dirt. A lot of laughs while we conquered one mile and one hill climb at a time. And many Picky Bars and Clif Blocks were consumed along the way. Weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. In the back of my mind giving me strength was knowing I was riding this race for a dear bike friend, Gary H, who lost his life tragically and unexpectedly on 6/16. I'm very proud of my effort and for making it to the finish line, on a fat bike at that. Hats off to the other competitors and winners. That was a long day on a tough course, it was nice to share in this special day with y'all! A much deserved break awaits me, and while I have no plans for any more ultras this year, I can already say I would do this one again!

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